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My Certifications

Cisco Certified Network Associate certificate.jpg

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Issued by Cisco in July of 2023

The CCNA certification provides a comprehensive understanding of networking fundamentals, network infrastructure components, network security principles, IP connectivity, network services, WAN technologies, and network troubleshooting. It equips individuals with the knowledge and skills required to configure, operate, and troubleshoot small to medium-sized networks.

Certified in Cybersecurity (CC)

Issued by (ISC)    in May of 2023


The CC certification is a widely recognized credential that validates knowledge and skills in cybersecurity. It covers essential topics such as threat management, vulnerability assessment, security controls, identity management, cryptography, network security, and incident response. By earning the CC certification, individuals gain a solid foundation in cybersecurity principles and best practices, making them well-equipped to identify and address security threats, protect systems and data, and contribute to the overall security posture of organizations.


Magnet Certified Forensics Examiner (MCFE)

Issued by Magnet Forensics Inc. in March of 2023

The MCFE certification is a prestigious credential that validates expertise in digital forensics and investigation techniques. It encompasses a wide range of skills, including evidence collection, preservation, analysis, and reporting. By earning the MCFE certification, professionals demonstrate their proficiency in utilizing Magnet Forensics tools and techniques to extract digital evidence from various devices and digital sources.

Information Technology

Issued by Riverside City College in June of 2021

The Information Technology Certificate from Riverside City College provides a comprehensive foundation in various aspects of IT, including computer hardware, operating systems, networking fundamentals, and programming concepts. This certificate equips individuals with essential skills in technical troubleshooting, computer architecture, and effective communication in IT environments.


Information Security and Cyber Defense

Issued by Riverside City College in June of 2021

The Information Security and Cyber Defense Certificate is designed to develop expertise in advanced cybersecurity areas, including digital forensics, ethical hacking, secure coding practices, and secure system administration. This certificate equips individuals with specialized skills in investigating cyber incidents, mitigating security risks, and safeguarding critical information assets against emerging cyber threats.

Information Security

Issued by Riverside City College in June of 2021

The Information Security Certificate focuses on cybersecurity principles and practices, covering topics such as network security, security policies and procedures, risk assessment, and incident response. It provides individuals with knowledge and skills related to securing information systems, protecting against threats and vulnerabilities, and implementing security controls in organizational settings.

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